The Department of Philology is among the first divisions of the Institute. Pursuant to the resolution of the Academic Senate of October 28, 2003 (Record No 2), the Humanities Department was started up within the Kolomyia Institute of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian University.

By the decision of the University Academic Council dated of January 29, 2008, the Humanities Department of the Kolomyia Institute was realigned into the Philology Department.

The teaching staff of the department ensures the education process not only in 014 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature), but also in other areas of training (specialties) of the Institute, where they give courses on language and literature disciplines.

All-Ukrainian academic conferences on topical issues of the Ukrainian dialectology, in particular, the study of Hutsul patois, as well as Vasyl Stefanyk, Ivan Franko and Andrey Sheptytsky studies were held at the premises of the Philology Department (Hutsul Dialect in Written Artifacts and Fiction, 2008; Hutsul Dialect: Past and Present, 2010; Hutsul Dialect and Lexicography, 2012; Vasyl Stefanyk, Ivan Franko, Andrey Sheptytsky in the Scope of Historic Cultural Processes of the Late 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries, 2019). The general and breakout sessions of the conferences discussed a wide range of problems related to the study of the Hutsul dialect, correlation between the dialect and standard language, interaction with other dialects, distinctive features of phonetics, vocabulary, word formation, grammar, and the Hutsul dialect discourse. Ivan Franko, Vasyl Stefanyk and Metropolitan Andrey’s scholars have covered social and political activity, cultural and educational ideas of these renowned figures in spiritual and national life of the Ukrainians, their adoption from the point of view of the next generations.

Educational and scientific research work at the various special fields of the Institute is carried out by the following department staff:

Mykola Vasylchuk – Head of Philology Department;

Oleksandr Soletskyi – Professor of Philology Department;

Olha Rusakova – PhD in Philology, Assistant Professor;

Halyna Voloshchuk – PhD in Philology, Assistant Professor;

Khrystyna Nahovitsyna – PhD in Philology, Lecturer;

Mykhailo Kovalchuk  – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor;

Mykola Vasylchuk – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor;

Eugene Lepokhin – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor;

Olha Makaruk – Lecturer.