The Department of Education Science and Psychology was created as a result of division of the Humanities Department on June 6, 2006.

The teaching staff provides the educational process in 6.010102, 013 Primary education, 6.010201 Physical education, 014 Secondary education (Physical culture), 6.030102, 053 Psychology, specialties 7.01010201 Primary education, 7.01020101 Physical education, as well as in other fields of study available at the Institute, where the courses on psychological and pedagogical disciplines are taught.

Educational and scientific research work at the various special fields of the Institute is carried out by the following department staff:

Oksana Poiasyk – Head of Education Science and Psychology Department; PhD in Education Sciences, Associate Professor;

Violetta Lappo – Doctor of Sciences (Dr. Hab.) in Pedagogy, Professor;

Halyna Mykytiuk – PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor;

Mariia Chepil – Senior Lecturer, Master of Sports of Ukraine of International Class, National Category Arbiter.

In addition to the staff members, the training process is provided by the part-time lecturers of the administering sub-departments of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

The title of scientific challenge the department is tackling with is Psychological and pedagogical aspects in the ethnocultural tradition. The study materials have been published in the multi-authored monograph Western Ukraine: historical, cultural and ethnolinguistic aspects (second half of the 19th – the 21st centuries).