Oleksandr Soletskyi

Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor

1984–1992 – studies at the Kolomyia secondary school No 1 named after Vasyl
1992 – 1994 – studies at the Kolomyia pedagogical college;
1994 – 1999 – studies at Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian University;
2001 – scholarship recipient of the Olzhych Foundation in America in Ukraine,
professor Emil Yakim Foundation;
2008 – PhD thesis defence Valeriy Shevchuk – the researcher and the interpreter of
the Ukrainian baroque literature, with a major in 10.01.01 – Ukrainian Literature;
2018 – defence of a doctoral thesis Emblematic forms modification of Ukrainian
folkloric and literary discourses with a major in 10.01.01 – Ukrainian Literature and
10.01.06 – Theory of Literature.
Author of the detailed treatise Discourse Emblematic Forms: From Myth to
Postmodernism (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2018), and more than fifty scholarly papers in
Ukrainian and European journals.

Courses Taught
History of Ukrainian Literature
Literary Theory
Ukrainian Literature Teaching Methodology

Research Interests
literary history, mythology, emblem studies, literary cognitive science
e-mail: oleksandr.soletskyy@pnu.edu.ua
Тел: 03433 2 46 60